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Our Mission

We want to give people the opportunity to comfortably transfer the real world to a digitized one

Hey there! We're the folks behind INVOLV3D. Our story? It's a mix of different passions and a few happy twists. We each had our thing – electronics, coding, 3D design and math. Funny enough, these paths crossed. That's how INVOLV3D sparked into life. Our journey into 3D scanning wasn't planned. It was our combined skills that nudged us there. We built our first 3D scanner almost as a hobby project, and to our surprise, it not only worked but also met industry standards. This success was a clear sign to us. The market was ready, and our heads were full of ideas. That was the moment we knew it was time to turn our passion into a reality and start the company. Over time, it turned out that actually many companies need the services, which makes us very happy and gives us motivation to act.


Piotr Bieryt, Visionary CEO: Piotr's fascination with computer graphics and 3D art has been a lifelong adventure. Exploring digital graphics to his impactful work at CD Projekt Red and Forte Digital, Piotr has always been at the forefront of 3D innovation. His expertise in digital graphics processing and Blender isn't just professional, it's a personal passion. Piotr's ability to blend mathematical knowledge with artistic creativity is what makes our scanning processes so unique. His talent for integrating key algorithms into our pipeline ensures that every scan we produce is a masterpiece. Despite his impressive background, Piotr remains down-to-earth, constantly learning and growing. His connections in the art world, including sculptors and game developers, are not just professional networks but a community of like-minded enthusiasts who value our services.


Piotr Żmuda, Engineering Maestro and CTO: Piotr Zmuda's journey is a testament to where passion and perseverance can lead. From a young age, his world was filled with electronics designs of all sorts - from milling machines to remote-controlled vehicles. His achievements in national electronics competitions in Poland are not just honors, they are reflections of his dedication and talent. Worked at Fideltronik Poland grinding his skills in developing a wide range of embedded systems devices, from consumer electronics to medical equipment. Piotr's extensive knowledge in software architecture and development principles is the foundation of our technical quality. Takes care of the quality of the company's software and tools, which translates into trouble-free and stable products.

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